Friday, August 14, 2009

Multisensory Products: Korres Lip Butter

Crayola Crayons are responsible for aiding and abetting more makeup habits than many women will admit. At the age of five Crayola taught me that bigger was better when it came to color possibilities. Back then a box of 72 colors was considered colossal; today the Telescoping Crayola Crayon Tower puts the crayon count at 150. I am grateful for the fact that I knew the difference between Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber at an early age, but my informal education in the subtleties of color has led to an insatiable lipstick habit. I admit to being coutured by color, but like all women I am captivated by the way lipstick feels when you put it on, as well as how it tastes and smells.

Gone are the days when Carmex was the only option for a stimulating lip balm experience (due to the use of Camphor, Menthol and Phenol). DuWop can take credit for single-handedly introducing the sensation of tingling in lip products with Lip Venom, which utilizes essential oils of Cinnamon, Wintergreen and Ginger to plump lips and create a telltale tingle similar to the aftereffect of being kissed. Next to color and wear, the sensate properties of lipstick compel consumers to collect lip products and create an adult version of the giant Crayola box in their makeup drawers.

How a lip product makes a consumer feel is just as important as how it performs. The naturals trend and the state of our recovering economy have combined to create a demand for products that enhance rather than hype the color and shape of the lips. This has resulted in numerous natural lines that evangelize washes of color and that just “bitten” look (sounds vampiresque, but we are talking about lipstick here so biting applies). Korres has released a line of lip butters that wake up the Crayola instinct; purchase one and you have an insatiable desire to purchase the whole line. The $9.00 price point makes chasing down a complete palette of color an affordable luxury.

Korres Lip Butter is an eco-chic product that speaks in a perfumista’s parlance. The colors, in order of intensity are; Guava, Jasmine, Mango, Pomegranate, Quince, Plum and Wild Rose. In addition to adding a touch of transparent color to the lips, the product acts as an effective cheek tint (with the exception of Guava and Jasmine). Aroma plays a role in Korres’ Lip Butter formulations and is executed with a light and sophisticated hand; in other words, no saccharine Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker effects.

In the coming months you will see cosmetic brands releasing multisensory products that enhance the color experience. Lips are the most sensitive part of the human body so the uptrend will be easy to relate to and experience. Glass Petal Smoke expects this to branch out into fragrance, with products that heat, cool and tingle. This summer L’Occitane introduced Citrus Verbena Sorbet Body Cream a limited-edition moisturizer that dispenses a cooling sensation on contact with skin. Get it while you can. With its fresh unisex scent it’s foreplay in a jar.