Tuesday, April 28, 2009

La Crasia Bracelets: Arabesque Adornments for the Wrist

La Crasia Gloves & Creative Accessories is a small boutique located in the Lexington Passage at Grand Central Terminal. Its demure size belies an extensive and tasteful collection of feminine treasures.

Requisite gloves, scarves and handbags of all sizes are showcased throughout the store, but the real find is a collection of floral patterned bracelets which are displayed next to a chic selection of hair ornaments at the counter.

The cuff bracelets feature arabesque motifs that guild the wrist with rich dimension and color, making it hard to separate the image of the bracelet from the person wearing it. The $25-$45 price range makes each purchase an affordable luxury. Warning: the temptation to buy another bracelet gets stronger each time you visit the store.


La Crasia Gloves & Creative Accessories is located at 85 Grand Central Terminal, Lexington Passage, New York, New York 10017. 212-370-0310.

Photo of La Cracia bracelets by Michelle Krell Kydd.