Friday, April 13, 2007

Glass Petal Smoke

Nothing holds us like the thought that we are held and nothing comforts us like the notion that we are anchored. So why are we restless in the calm? Control is a skilled magician, throwing sand in our eyes when it comes to this truth—everything, including ourselves, lives in chaos and constantly changes.

We all have dreams that we can fly because a part of us knows we’re not just here—we’re everywhere. Our essence is reflected against the looking glass of all that our senses come into contact with; the lush petals of a flower, a spiral of smoke from an extinguished candle, shadows on the ground cast by the sun.

There is a part of all of us that imagines with open eyes, that reaches beyond vision and instinct, that remains composed in the face of mystery. That part lives where you've landed, between your screen and mine. Welcome to Glass Petal Smoke, the end of a burning cigarette, the exhalation of something new…